Wednesday, January 19, 2011

back into the swing of things

A lot has happened in this past week
First of all, my little trip to Phoenix was very nice and relaxing and a great way to prepare myself for getting back into the swing of things with school. As for school, I love only having tuesday and thursday classes and it feels good to wake up in the morning and be busy and have things to do and places to go every day! Today was my first no classes no work day in a while and it felt nice to get everything done and check everything off my to do list. I even went to the gym today!

As for tommorow my first class is cancelled so I don't have class until 1:40. My goal is to wake up and go to the gym, class, get my sociology readings finished, and then back to class.

 I'm not sure what my plans are for tommorow night, we'll have to see!

Friday, January 14, 2011

my very first blog :)

I have never written a blog before.
But I feel like I have so much rolling around in my head everyday- thoughts, observations, feelings, and just the general processing of every day events. I'm curious to see if in writing these things down I will be able to see everything, everyone, and myself more clearly. We'll just have to see.

Tonight has been a wonderfully relaxing evening spend by myself. Usually when I'm home and doing nothing except roaming the internet and watching t.v. I get bored and restless, wishing I was doing something or going somewhere. But tonight I have given in to the relaxation. I ate dinner and have been compiling new recepies together that I have found online while watching the Critics Choice Awards. I have also been thinking more and more about my goals for this year. I began this year with a sound determination to do better than ever in school and to be more organized and work hard at accepting and excelling in "growing up." I want to have the kind of peace and calm, fullfilling happiness that wells up inside and simply flows and radiates from me.

I have changed a lot in the last few months. I have began reading more diverse books and have learned to cook. I don't go out nearly as much anymore which means less hangovers and less useless spending which feels good. I would like to begin excercising regularly and actually stick with it this time, making it part of my routine instead of a fad. I think to kick start this I am going to sign up for the United We Run 5k that takes place on January 23rd. A simple 3.1 mile run? I can do that.

Tommorow my plans are as follows...

Go for a two mile run along with some weight training. Cook myself my meal for the week which is braised marsala chicken with mushrooms and wild rice. Go to work. Pack for my two day trip to Phoenix where I am going to surprise my dad and sister at the finish line of their marathon.

A quote to end my very first blog and to sum up this peaceful and restful evening...

peace is not something you wish for
it's something you make
something you do
something you are
and something you give away

- Robert Fulghum